We all love our pets, There apart of the family. They are also animals and so when they got to go toilet, they can’t open those pesky door handles we have. So, when you can’t find grass the carpet is the next best thing right? Well that’s great for the dog or cat but not so much for the carpet. See it’s the crystallization of the urine that does the most damage and odour. Even after you catch them in the act and scrub on your hands and knees you just spreading the mess around. That’s where we come in, using a special UV light we can see where the animal has been. We can the spot treat that area with a special enzyme chemical that breaks those urine crystals down. Then with powerful HOT WATER EXTRACTION we can flush the carpet of the urine and the chemicals making its safe for you and your family again. Give us a call and we can bring out our light and show you where your best friend hasn’t been the carpets best friend.